Funding Opportunities

Funding Opportunities

Scholarship Opportunities

Trainees in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at UC Davis are also eligible to various scholarships (such as the Jastro-Shields scholarship or the Marion Miller Memorial Award) to support their ASH research:

Henry A. Jastro

The Jastro Scholarship honors the memory of one of the early general managers of the Kern County Land Company. Mr. Henry A. Jastro had a strong relationship with the College of Agriculture at Davis up until his death in 1925. This award is restricted to students in the College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences. Click here for more information. 

Peter J. Shields Scholarship

Judge Shields was known as the "father" of the Davis campus. In 1899 he conceived the idea of a Sacramento Valley agricultural college and in 1905 he helped write the enabling legislation. The main campus library, a major campus avenue, and a 15-acre grove of oaks in the arboretum are all named in his memory. The Shields Scholarship is restricted to students in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. Click here for more information. 

Small Grants for Research

Trainees are eligible to submit small grant funding proposals to support their ASH graduate research through the Western Center for Agricultural Health and Safety: is external).

Southern California NIOSH Education and Research Center (SCERC)

SCERC Pilot Training Grant offers between $10,000-$15,000 to support small research projects. Applications are typically due in April (letter of Intent) and May (full proposals). See here for more information.