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Event Description:

As millions of workers have shifted to telework, poor static postures may increase the risk of significant discomfort and potentially more serious musculoskeletal disorders. This webinar will explore results from a survey sent to University of Cincinnati faculty, staff, and administrators about home office ergonomics and discomfort. Many of the participants reported moderate to severe discomfort, laptops were widely used with most using the laptop monitor, and less than 45% of seating conditions were reported as having adjustable arm rests. As teleworking in makeshift offices becomes more common, special accommodations for workers, including the provision of ergonomic equipment, may be required to mitigate risk, prevent injury, and optimize worker performance.

Learning Objectives:

- Describe the relationship between office space design and potential musculoskeletal disorder outcomes
- Review correlations between office equipment selections and self-reported levels of discomfort in various portions of the body
- Discuss office design recommendations and economical alternatives to improve posture

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