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Recorded Webinar 

Racial Disparities in COVID-19 Mortality Among Essential Workers in the United States


As COVID-19 deaths rise, existing structural inequalities continue to shape racial disparities. This webinar will investigate the racial disparities in COVID-19 mortality among America’s essential workers. 

Recorded May 5, 2021 | COEH CE

Recorded Webinar 

School Worker Health & Safety: COVID-19 Vaccinations

This webinar with Dr. Robert Harrison will discuss pathways for protecting teachers and staff in schools, including the use of vaccination to offer a layer of protection. Learners will also explore the science of COVID-19 vaccines, vaccine efficacy, and COVID-19 variants of concern. 

Recorded April 7, 2021 | LOHP SASH Program

Recorded Webinar 

Expeditiously Assessing School and Workplace Ventilation for COVID-19 Mitigation

In our global fight against the Novel Coronavirus pandemic, adequate ventilation has emerged as a key mitigation factor. Drawing from real-world examples from more than 100 buildings, David Moore, MPH, CIH, will share his experience and methods for expeditiously assessing ventilation in schools, businesses, and other organizations.

Recorded March 3, 2021 | COEH CE

Recorded Webinar 

Ergonomic Tips for Working and Schooling at Home During COVID-19

An increase in screen time and laptop work combined with a decrease in active, communal events is challenging for the whole household during shelter in place orders. This webinar provides practical recommendations to address the physical, cognitive, and psychosocial risks imposed by working and schooling from home.

Recorded May 6, 2020 | UC Ergonomics Program