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Interactive Webinar 

Ergonomic Tips for Working and Schooling at Home During COVID-19

An increase in screen time and laptop work combined with a decrease in active, communal events is challenging for the whole household during shelter in place orders. This webinar provides practical recommendations to address the physical, cognitive, and psychosocial risks imposed by working and schooling from home.

Recorded May 6, 2020 | UC Ergonomics Program

Panel Discussion 

The Novel Coronavirus:

Why are these outbreaks so difficult to prevent and where do we go from here?

This discussion focuses on news concerning the coronavirus outbreak, why such outbreaks are difficult to predict and prepare for, and how the public health community can best respond.

Recorded Feb 11, 2020

Dean Michael C. Lu hosted a live Q&A with Dr. Anna Harte, Dr. Nicholas Jewell, Dr. Arthur Reingold, Dr. Lee Riley, and Dr. John Swartzberg to illuminate the facts and dispel fears around this public health crisis. This event was hosted by Berkeley Public Health, Berkeley Public Affairs and University Health Services

Recorded March 25, 2020

More from UC Berkeley School of Public Health

Q&A Webinar 

Coronavirus: Facts and Fears

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