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January 6th - February 28th, 2020

This 8- week, asynchronous online course teaches students how to identify the components of occupational tasks that can contribute to musculoskeletal injury and/or fatigue, quantify the risks associated with those components using the most relevant ergonomics assessment tools, and to integrate that information into conclusions regarding the acceptability of the risk. The course will use physical ergonomics as an example of evidence-based practice by not only covering the analysis tools, but also explaining their scientific basis and outlining their strengths and limitations for various work scenarios. 

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ERG120 - Physical Human Factors and Ergonomics

Jim Potvin, PhD, B.H.K, M.Sc., CCPE


January 24th - 25th, 2020

Please join COEH UC Berkeley and UC Davis for COEH Builds Bridges: Warehouses, Wildfires, and Workplace Injuries. COEH Builds Bridges was launched in 2017, and rotating biannually between Berkeley and Sacramento. This event is a merger of the 42nd Annual UC Berkeley Lela Morris Symposium, and 38th Annual UC Davis Occupational & Environmental Medicine Symposium. 

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COEH Builds Bridges: Warehouses, Wildfires, and Workplace Injuries

Speakers Listed on Event Agenda

Sacramento, CA (in-person)

Coming January 2020

This self-paced, two-hour online course is geared toward acting clinicians seeking CME credit, but will be made available to all. This course will explore how climate change is impacting public health now, and provide examples of how to communicate with patients regarding health risks posed by climate change. The course is broken into 5 modules, designed to provide context for clinicians and other allied health professionals to better understand climate change through a public health lens.

Free to Access

Doctoring Climate Change: Air Quality, Heat-Related Illness, and Disparate Impact

Dr. Ashley McClure, FACP | Climate Change and Health 

Online (enduring) 

March 9 - May 1, 2020

This 8- week, asynchronous online course teaches students the essential topics of human information processing, controls and displays, perception, system-response compatibility, workload assessment, design aesthetics, and implications for design of the workplace and jobs in that workplace. Students will learn cognitive ergonomics and how it fits into design and analysis. Typical design and operational problems in work domains, as well as their HFE solutions, will be highlighted. Students will apply HFE principles to design problems. 

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ERG130 - Cognitive Human Factors and Ergonomics

Instructor TBA


July 8 - July 10th, 2020  (Annual)

This 3-day workshop provides guided practice in advanced measurement techniques used by practitioners in the field.  Attendees will perform a job analysis on one simulated manufacturing/ assembly task and/ or one manual material handling task. The analysis will include exposure measurements addressing validity and reliability of measures and the interpretation of those measures using evidence-based threshold limit values and risk assessment tools.  New topics in ergonomics will be explored through a case-based approach to learning.  Students will continue their engagement with the case by applying the iterative design process to determine plausible solutions to mitigate the exposures measured.  

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20ERGO - Applied Skills in Ergonomics Workshop

Instructors TBA

Richmond, CA (in-person)

August 12 - August 14th, 2020  (Annual)

The importance of a good occupational health and safety program and safety practice in the workplace cannot be overemphasized. Severe occupational traumatic injuries pose a major and continuing threat to the health and well-being of workers. Occupational trauma is second only to motor vehicle accidents as a reported cause of accidental death in the United States. This 2-day course will present an overview of fundamental safety principles.

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20FWS - Fundamentals of Workplace Safety

Instructors TBA

Oakland, CA (in-person)