Occupational Exposure and Ventilation Assessment in New York City Nail Salons

New York-New Jersey Occupational Safety & Health Center

August 11, 2020 Presented By: Brian Pavilonis, PhD, CIH

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Occupational Exposure and Ventilation Assessment in New York City Nail Salons

[Authors] Amelia Harrichandra, Cora Roelofs and Brian Pavilonis

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Nail salons are an important business and employment sector for recent immigrants offering popular services to a diverse range of customers across the United States. However, due to the nature of nail products and services, salon air can be burdened with a mix of low levels of hazardous airborne contaminants. Surveys of nail technicians have commonly found increased work-related symptoms, such as headaches and respiratory irritation, that are consistent with indoor air quality problems. In an effort to improve indoor air quality in nail salons, the state of New York recently promulgated regulations to require increased outdoor air and “source capture” of contaminants. In advance of the full implementation of the rules by 2021, we sought to establish reliable and usable baseline indoor air quality metrics to determine the feasibility and effectiveness of the requirement. This webinar will present results of two exposure assessment studies conducted in New York City from 2017-2018 and offer guidance for industrial hygienists performing exposure assessments in nail salons.

Learning Objectives

At the completion of this activity, the learner will be able to:

  • Describe exposure in nail salons and symptoms among workers

  • Review new regulations implemented by states to control exposure

  • Develop strategies to measure exposure in nail salons


Dr. Brian Pavilonis is a Certified Industrial Hygienist who has been working in occupational health and exposure science since 2012. Dr. Pavilonis joined the CUNY SPH faculty in 2014 as an Assistant Professor. Prior to CUNY SPH, Dr. Pavilonis was a Post-doctoral fellow at Rutgers University in the Exposure Science Division after earning his PhD at the University of Iowa in Industrial Hygiene in 2012. At CUNY SPH, Dr. Pavilonis has developed and taught courses in Industrial Hygiene, Noise and Radiation and Industrial Ventilation. In 2016, he was named Industrial Hygiene Program Director for the NY/NJ NIOSH ERC. His research aims to understand human exposure in the occupational environment and characterize risk due to exposure.

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