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There are three symposia each year that all trainees are invited to attend. 

The symposia are the only events all year that all disciplines will be present for; thus, they serve an important purpose to meet your peers, colleagues, and the broad network of COEH faculty and advisory board members. Annually, the Symposia include:

                                                      Welcome Back Symposium

This symposium will present an overview and updates from each Program Director and will present various awards for grants and theses submitted over the summer followed by a social gathering with food and drinks (pending COVID restrictions).

                                                              Fall Gathering

This symposium will highlight student work by including 2-3 research presentations followed by a social gathering with food and drinks (pending COVID restrictions). 

                                                           COEH Builds Bridges

 This symposium features speakers from academia, government, and labor to discuss current-day research, policies, and practices important to occupational and environmental health. 


All COEH trainees should strive to present their research at some point during their graduate studies.

Opportunities include University, regional, national, and international conferences. Trainees can present their work via a poster or oral presentation, depending on the conference, their experience, and their work. Please discuss opportunities and format with your Program Director and/or Research Mentor. Some of the more regional opportunities include: 

Please remember that as a COEH Trainee who is part of one of our programs, you should acknowledge the NIOSH ERC Training Grant on every presentation of your work (written, oral, or poster). 

Field Trips

COEH plans 6 field trips per year that all trainees can register for.

  • Field trips provide an up-close opportunity for seeing the work done while discussing existing and possible hazards and exposures that are/ need to be mitigated
  • Field trips are typically scheduled on the third Friday of each month
  • Some field trips will have a hybrid option (Zoom) to increase attendance

Please watch out for the monthly emails from COEH which will have details and registration links for upcoming field trips.

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