External Advisory Board

COEH Vision

Protecting workers and communities from environmental & occupational health hazards through teaching, research, and service. 

Mission Statement

The Northern California Center for Occupational and Environmental Health (COEH), a multidisciplinary program of the University of California at Berkeley, Davis, and San Francisco, promotes health and safety in workplaces and communities by: 

  • Educating health professionals in epidemiology, ergonomics, industrial hygiene, medicine, nursing, toxicology, and related fields to be leaders in occupational and environmental health
  • Developing new knowledge through an interdisciplinary research agenda focused on preventing illness and injury
  • Responding to the needs of people affected by hazards in their workplaces  or communities, with special attention to vulnerable populations
  • Through these activities, COEH supports federal, state, and local agencies, health and safety professionals, industry, labor, and community-based organizations n their efforts to prevent occupational and environmental disease and injury.