Leadership & Structure

Carisa Harris, PhD, CPE

Carisa Harris, PhD, CPE

Director of COEH | Director of UCSF/UCB HF&E Graduate Program

Image of Norma Firestone

Norma Firestone

Student Services & Traineeship Coordinator

Emily Ayala

Student Research Assisstant 

Sadie Costello, PhD, MPH

Deputy Director

Image of John Balmes

John Balmes, MD

Emeritus Director of COEH 

Kevin Ru 

Student Research Assisstant 

Image of Gina Grayson

Gina Grayson

COEH Business Operations Manager

Linda Neuhauser

Linda Neuhauser, DrPH, MPH

Co-Principal Investigator of the Center of Health Research for Action 

Image of Jesus Alfaro

Jesús Alfaro

STEER Program Manager | Data System Analyst

Winston Tseng, PhD

Winston Tseng, PhD

Assistant Director of Research of the Center of Health Research for Action