Do the Change: Reimagining OEHS

Join COEH for a podcast highlighting upcoming leaders in Occupational Health, Environmental Health Sciences, and Health Equity. We'll explore hills and valleys in their journeys, get some insight into non-traditional paths into Occupational and Environmental Health (OEHS), and explore how our speakers got where they are today. This podcast is sponsored by the Northern California Education and Research Center for Occupational and Environmental Health at the University of California Berkeley, San Francisco, and Davis.

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A Day in the Life

Join COEH for a podcast highlighting Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety Professionals. Learn about what OEHS practitioners do on the daily. What could your career look like?

"You’re helping others return home safely every day..." You make an impact every day.

Become Director of Safety, Health and Wellness with Audrey Lawrence, MPH, and Paige Callaghan, BMSc

"The short version is that I wanted to be an ER Doc..."

Become an Occupational Medicine Physician with Josh Potocko, MPH, MD, and Paige Callaghan, BMSc

"... for some reason they think we floss workers teeth..."

Become an Industrial Hygienist with Richard Hirsh, MPH, CIH, FAIHA and Michelle Meyer

"I started off as a Physical Therapist..." Moving Upstream to Prevent Injuries

Become an Ergonomist with Meg Honan, MS, PT, CPE, and Michelle Meyer