Publications and Presentations

Graduate Level Research Publications

Title Author Year Publication type
Ventilation conditions during COVID-19 outbreaks in six California state carceral institutions. Rachel Sklar; Elizabeth Noth, PhD, CIH; Ada Kwan; David Sears; Stefano Bertozzi 2023 Journal Articles
Elevator Ventilation and SARS-CoV-2-Relevant Particulate Matter Removal in Three Older California Elevators Michael Kado; Kelsi Perttula; Elizabeth Noth, PhD, CIH; David Moore; Patton Nguyen; Charles Perrino; Mark Nicas, PhD, MPH, CIH; Katherine Hammond 2023 Journal Articles
Association of Occupational Stress with Tinnitus Among Career Firefighters in the United States Rachel Odes; Dal Lae Chin; Jian Li; OiSaeng Hong 2022 Journal Articles
Quantitative Investigation of Respirable Silica, Dust and Total Metals in a Ceramics Studio M Zalay; T Hoang; R Blythe; A Raval; S Liu; SK Hammond 2022 Conference Proceedings & Presentations
The impact of job loss on self-injury mortality in a cohort of autoworkers: application of a novel causal approach Dufault SM; Chen KT; Picciotto S; Neophytou AM; Eisen EA 2022 Journal Articles
Comparison of the association between psychosocial exposures and carpal tunnel syndrome by age, gender and obesity C Harris Adamson; A Myers; EA Eisen; J Kapellusch; A Garg; KT Hegmann; MS Thiese; AM Dale; B Evanoff; S Bao; B Silverstein; L Merlino; F Gerr; D Rempel 2022 Conference Proceedings & Presentations
The relationship between fidgeting, posture changes, physical activity and musculoskeletal discomfort in office workers Nguyen A; Arippa F; Kiok M; Harris-Adamson C 2022 Conference Proceedings & Presentations
Metalworking Fluid Exposure and Stroke Mortality Among U.S. Autoworkers Elser H; Chen KT; Arteaga D; Reimer R; Picciotto S; Costello S; Eisen EA 2022 Journal Articles
Deaths of despair and Job Loss Ferguson J; Dufault, S 2021 Conference Proceedings & Presentations
Personal Collaborative Robots in Agriculture (Virtual). Robotics Track, Session on Emerging Applications Fathallah F.A 2021 Conference Proceedings & Presentations
Working: The Role of Occupational Epidemiology Eisen EA; Elser H; Picciotto S 2021 Journal Articles
Metabolome-wide association study of occupational exposure to benzene Rothman N; Vermeulen R; Zhang L; Hu W; Yin S; Rappaport SM; Smith MT; Jones DP; Rahman M; Lan Q; Walker DI 2021 Journal Articles
A preliminary decision tree modeling of factors that determine readiness to use exoskeletons in construction. Moore A; Kim S; Srinivasan D; Nussbaum MA; Ojelade A; Harris Adamson C; Gutierrez Contreras N; Barr A; Rempel D 2021 Conference Proceedings & Presentations
Epigenetic aging biomarkers and occupational exposure to benzene, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde Van der Laan L; Cardenas A; Vermeulen R; Fadadu RP; Hubbard AE; Phillips RV; Zhang L; Breeze C; Hu W; Wen C; Huang Y; Tang X; Smith MT; Rothman N; Lan Q 2021 Journal Articles
Impairment and Disability Evaluations. I. Psychosocial, Economic, and Medicolegal Aspects Lavoie, Kim; Katelynn Dodd; Jacek Mazurek; Philip Harber; Sheiphali A. Gandhi; Paul Blanc; Kjell Toren; Jean-Luc Malo 2021 Book Chapters
Manufacturing Productivity with Worker Turnover Moon K; Bergemann P; Brown D; Chen A; Chu J; Eisen E; Fisher G; Loyalka KP; Rho S; Cohen J 2021 Journal Articles
Traffic-related air pollution, biomarkers of metabolic dysfunction, oxidative stress, and CC16 in children Zhang, A.L; Balmes, J.R; Lutzker, L.; Mann, J.K.; Margolis, H.G.; Tyner, T.; Holland, N.; Noth, E.M.; Lurmann, F.; Hammond, S.K.; Holm, S.M. 2021 Journal Articles
Manual Materials Handling: Evaluation and Practical Considerations, Handbook of Human Factors and Ergonomics Fathallah, F.A.; Janowitz, I. 2021 Books
Racial disparities in Alcohol-related liver disease mortality in a 75 year follow-up study of Michigan autoworkers Allouch F; Chen KT; Costello S; Picciotto S; Lutzker L; Eisen EA 2021 Journal Articles
Differences in wrist motion for different mice features between professional and high-level gamers Li G; Liu Y; Rempel D; Harris-Adamson C 2021 Conference Proceedings & Presentations