Heat Stress: Exposure Hazards, Health Effects, and Measurement Protocol

Heat Stress: Exposure Hazards, Health Effects, and Measurement Protocol

About the Webinar:

Although heat hazards are common in both indoor and outdoor work environments, heat-related illness and fatalities are preventable. This webinar will explore heat stress, heat strain, and heat-related illness. Learners will review components of a heat stress and strain program, the applicability of heat assessment and heat stress controls, and how to conduct successful employee awareness training. 

Learning Objectives

  1. Recognize signs of heat-related illness and identify how to respond

  2. Anticipate potential heat stress situations and measurement protocols

  3. Apply mitigation strategies such as implementing heat stress controls

Instructor Biography

Michael Strange, CIH, began his career as an analytical chemist at Fireman’s Fund Environmental Laboratory. Then he worked as a field industrial hygienist under the direction of a certified industrial hygienist (CIH) for the FPE Group (a fire protection engineering firm), before coming a CIH himself in 1990. He evaluates airborne chemical hazards, noise, radiation, vibration, and heat stress exposures to workers, as well as indoor air quality in office environments, manufacturing facilities, chemical / pharmaceutical, medical facilities, agriculture, hospitality, agriculture, construction, office buildings, among other environments. Currently, he is a Principal Consultant for Chubb Global Risk Advisors assigned to the Pacific Northwest; however, he regularly practices internationally, with experience in Australia, Europe, North Africa, Canada, and Mexico.

Webinar Resources

Heat Stress and WBGT Calculators: https://www.osha.gov/heat-exposure/wbgt-calculator

PDF of Presentation Slides: Download