Expeditiously Assessing School and Workplace Ventilation for COVID Mitigation

Recorded on March 3, 2021

With the Labor Occupational Health Program's School Action for Safety and Health (SASH) Program

Expeditiously Assessing School and Workplace ventilation for COVID-19 Mitigation

About the Webinar:

In our global fight against the Novel Coronavirus pandemic, adequate ventilation has emerged as a key mitigation factor. Drawing from real-world examples from more than 100 buildings, David Moore, MPH, CIH, will share his experience and methods for expeditiously assessing ventilation in schools, businesses, and other organizations. Learners will explore preliminary lessons learned, common pitfalls, the differences in calculating air exchanges (ACH) in schools vs. businesses, and how ACH relates to removal of airborne contaminants.

Instructor: David Moore, CIH

David Moore is a Certified Industrial Hygienist, and a graduate of UC Berkeley's School of Public Health Masters program. He is one dissertation away from a doctorate in public health. He and his life partner began Intrinsic Environment, Health & Safety in 2017, providing scientifically grounded solutions for local businesses, universities, governmental entities, non-profits, addressing some of societies pressing occupational environmental health challenges. Most recently, David has been assisting local schools and businesses return to school and work safely.

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify methods for assessing ventilation
  2. Summarize existing ventilation guidance and lessons learned drawing from real world examples
  3. Describe how to calculate air exchange (ACH), and how ACH relates to removal of airborne contaminants
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