02/03/2023 - 02/04/2023 - COEH Builds Bridges: Algorithm Based Work, Wearables, and Surveillance

Algorithm Based Work,  Wearables, and Surveillance

Friday, February 3 - Saturday, February 4, 2023  |  Sacramento, CA

Join COEH for a conversation on the impact and future of data-driven technologies in the workplace. We will discuss how data is collected and used in the workplace; the intersection of humans, robots, and artificial intelligence; and ethical considerations, including how algorithms can reinforce discrimination and erode worker privacy. We will also explore the role of wearables in reducing musculoskeletal injuries, and how human-centered design of textile-based wearable products can improve health and wellbeing for people with special needs. Throughout the conference, we hope to foster an engaging discussion on technology rights and impact of technology on worker health and safety.

The COEH Builds Bridges symposium rotates biannually between Berkeley and Sacramento, CA. The 2023 event will be held in person in Sacramento, CA serving as a merger of the 45th Annual UC Berkeley Lela Morris Symposium and 41st Annual UC Davis Occupational and Environmental Medicine Symposium. 


This symposium is intended for occupational and environmental health and safety professionals and clinicians including MD / DO, nurse practitioners, physican assistants, registered nurses, registered environmental health specialists, industrial hygienists, certified safety professionals, ergonomists, researchers, and other allied health professionals.  


This event is made possible through the joint providership of The Center for Occupational and Environmental Health UC Berkeley, and The Center for Occupational and Environmental Health UC Davis.