Anti-Fog Products Containing Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFASs)


Anti-fog products are designed to be used daily and even multiple times per day to prevent fogging of eyewear. However, a recent study found that these products can expose users to high levels of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs), including fluorotelomer ethoxylates (FTEOs) that exhibit significant cytotoxicity and adipogenic activity. The intern will perform a literature review to identify what is known about chemicals in anti-fog products and about the hazard traits of FTEOs. Additionally, the intern will use the Mintel database to assess the prevalence of PFAS-containing anti-fog products. This preliminary research will help support California's Safer Consumer Products Program's efforts to reduce the use of hazardous chemicals in consumer products.

Required Skills: 

  • Literature Review (Intermediate)
  • Statistics (Beginner)
  • Data Managment (Intermediate)
  • Chemistry/Toxicology (Intermediate)
  • Writing (Intermediate)