BIG Picture Ergonomics: Create Strategic Partnerships

October 8, 2019

If ergonomics is part of your job, you already know that people make great work happen.

A wider understanding of the full scope of the discipline will make your work easier and more sustainable. Expanding your ergonomics skills is your ticket to the next level.

Ergonomics promotes a holistic approach which considers physical, cognitive, social, organizational, environmental, and other relevant factors.

HOW do we get there at work?

By working together.

A solo 'ergo person' is spread thin within an organization, so work with your Safety or Quality Teams to identify pain-points and find practical improvements on a small and large scale. These teams often have the participants needed to get improvements made -
  • Workers know the job and can both identify priorities and help solve problems that effect quality and performance in a long lasting, sustainable way.

  • Leaders can work the budget, safety professionals, engineers, and supervisors can work through sensible process changes.

Tasks that are painful, tedious, overwhelming, or mind numbing can be improved.

Why stop there? Create strategic partnerships outside of your sphere. Job satisfaction, quality, and reliability are the driving force behind Procurement, Human Resources, Information Technology, Workplace Planning and Engineering. Knowing these people and understanding how they measure job success lets ergonomics support the company as a whole.

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