CME Opportunity at UCSF School of Medicine

January 31, 2020

Looking to get Continuing Medical Education credit? Join UCSF School of Medicine March 4th-7th to learn about Being an Occupational and Environmental Health “Detective” and Updates in Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

Hosted by COEH's Occupational and Environmental Medicine Program from March 4-7th, 2020

A poster session the evening of March 4th will supplement this course's content, including case reports and research data. The first day of the curriculum, Being an Occupational and Environmental Health “Detective” addresses the basic components of assessing and responding to occupational or environmental health threats at the individual or group level.

The second day and final half-day of the course will cover a multi-topic theme: Updates in Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

An attendee completing this course will be able to:

  • Improve their assessment of occupational and environmental risk;

  • Adopt new medical knowledge into preventive activities addressing established and emerging risk factors and new diseases entities;

  • Evaluate scientific data in the field of occupational and environmental medicine;

  • Expand their differential diagnosis to incorporate a wider range of environmental and occupational factors in various disease and injury processes;

  • Improve diagnostic methods and treatment options for selected occupational and environmental conditions;

  • Improve management in terms of required regulatory management of specific work-related scenarios; and

  • Inform the prioritization of clinical care, research, and public health policy with state of the art updates.

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