Community-engaged pilot study on antibiotic resistance near concentrated animal feeding operations in the Central Valley of California


Concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) are a potential threat to environmental and human health. Tens of thousands of tons of antibiotics are used in CAFOs each year, increasing the emergence and spread of antibiotic resistance as CAFO waste pollutes nearby air, soil, and waterways. Exposures to antibiotic-resistant bacteria may put community members’ health at risk, especially in the Central Valley where intensive dairy farm production is concentrated. We are working with a local NGO and the Central California Environmental Justice Network (CCEJN) to conduct a community-engaged pilot study to compare antibiotic resistance in environmental pathways of Central Valley communities with versus without CAFOs, and to identify other environmental hazards of concern in these communities.

Required Skills: 

  • Literature Review (Willing to Learn)
  • Statistics (Willing to Learn)
  • Data Collection (Beginner)
  • Data Management (Beginner) 
  • Qualitative Research Methods (Beginner)
  • Spanish-speaker (Intermediate)