COEH Student Action: Ericka Ledesma shares on experience at the UCSF COVID-19 Call Center

April 6, 2020

Many UCSF School of Nursing students and faculty are helping out in the community through their work at the UCSF COVID-19 call center. Ericka Ledesma, a 2nd year student in COEH's OEHN Nurse Practitioner program, is one of those participating at the call center. Below, she takes a moment to share her thoughts on her experience. More on this call center’s activities and impact will be shared through the UCSF School of Nursing's newsletter (Subscribe)

"Although yesterday had only been my second day at the triage center, I could already tell that the work we are doing is needed. From what I understand, the call center had a 30+ back log and was unable to provide care or instructions outside of the script. I had the opportunity to speak with a patient that day who was very anxious around the COVID-19 situation and their specific symptoms as well as stressed about their additional responsibilities at home. I was able to listen and acknowledge the patient's stress and current struggles. The patient sighed with relief and was immediately grateful. I felt that the extra time with the patient allowed me to show understanding and compassion.  I was also able to teach CDC recommendations regarding COVID-19 and specific red flag symptoms that would prompt an ED visit. The patient was able to repeat back instructions and was extremely grateful for the level of care they received. The patient stated how appreciative they are to be with UCSF and have nurses like us. Most, if not all, patients who are calling in are extremely grateful for the additional support and education, and state they feel cared for.”

- Ericka Ledesma, RN, MSc Nurse Practitioner Student

COEH thanks you, Ericka, for your valuable service during this incredibly challenging time.

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