Do the Change with Mariah Jiles, MPH

Join us as Tyra Parrish, MPH, explores Mariah's journey as a trailblazing public health professional and recent graduate of UC Berkeley's prestigious Master's of Public Health Program. Mariah shares how her passion for social change and her experience with research in reproductive health have impacted her work. Mariah and Tyra also share their insights on salary negotiation, navigating the space of public health as Black women, and creating space to exist as your authentic selves with the help of leaders who have come before.

Reimagining OEHS with Mariah Jiles, MPH (Part 1)

Do the Change: Reimagining OEHS with Mariah Jiles, MPH (Part 1)

Reimagining OEHS with Mariah Jiles, MPH (Part 2)

Do the Change: Reimagining OEHS with Mariah Jiles, MPH (Part 2)

About Mariah Jiles, MPH:

Mariah Jiles, MPH is a public health professional and recent graduate of UC Berkeley's Master's of Public Health Program. While earning her Master's, she worked alongside the Sexual Health and Reproductive Equity (SHARE) program on their Evaluation Study of the Abundant Birth Project. The Abundant Birth Project is the first pregnancy income supplement program that provides unconditional cash supplements to Black and Pacific Islander pregnant people in California. During her time on this project, Mariah held 50+ hour-long conversations with birthing people in the Bay Area, having discussions ranging from their health and wellbeing, stress and anxiety to experiences of racism and discrimination. Drawing from this impactful Study and her time in graduate school, Mariah cemented her resolve to support the health of pregnant people from minoritized communities with special attention to the Black American community.

As a graduate student, Mariah also conducted research into maternal health disparities between U.S. and foreign-born Black birthing people in the United States, highlighting her desire and the public health community's urgent need for more specificity in examining the health outcomes of different Black American identities. She has since travelled and presented the research findings at two conferences.

This fall, Mariah will be continuing on in full-time role as a Community Health Fellow with the American Public Health Association (APHA) and Kaiser Permanente. In this role, she will be working alongside the Tubman Center for Health and Freedom to open a community health center in Seattle's Puget Sound region that meets the unique needs of communities of color (

About This Week's Host:

Tyra Parrish, MPH, is a graduate of UC Berkeley's School of Public Health with a concentration in Global Health and Environment and a speciality in Multicultural Health. 

Tyra is an advocate for mentorship, lifting others up and helping someone avoid the obstacles that she faced going into the field. Tyra wants to make these conversations as casual and fun as possible and she is excited for you all to listen to her talk with amazing people some of which are close friends, people she met along the way, friends of friends, etc.