Health Effects of Exposure to Secondhand and Thirdhand Smoke from both Tobacco and Cannabis


The Schick Lab studies the health effects of exposure to secondhand and thirdhand smoke from both tobacco and cannabis. This summer we need help developing and testing a survey designed to learn more about how people use cannabis. We will be piloting our first survey by giving it to people at cannabis festivals this spring and the summer project will be analyzing that data. The survey asks questions about the cannabis products people use, where they get them from, and the health effects they experience while using them. You will be taught how to extract data from an online survey app and the first analysis will be to identify the questions that people don’t answer and any points in the survey where people stop taking the survey. We also have you set up some basic analyses for product types, respondent demographics and health effects.

As a part of Schick Lab, you will also have the opportunity observe and help with our clinical research study. In one, we are testing how melanin affects dermal uptake of nicotine and other smoke chemicals from clothing. You will also see how we prepare for our field experiments, measuring air pollution in public places where people use cannabis and help to analyze the data. Depending on your age and the events we study this summer, you may be able to join us on the field experiments. Everyone in lab participates in weekly lab meetings and local seminars.

Required Skills: 

  • Microsoft Excel 
  • It would be helpful to have some knowledge of cannabis research     
  • Other skills needed will be taught during the internship