Just Released: Principles & Guidelines for HF/E Design and Management of Work Systems

August 26, 2021

In June 2021, new Principles and Guidelines for Human Factors/Ergonomics (HF/E) Design and Management of Work Systems, jointly prepared by the International Ergonomics Association (IEA) and the International Labour Organization (ILO), were released.

This document is important in that it provides the ILO with a technical basis to develop international labor standards for workplace human factors/ergonomics. The goal of applying this analytical, systems view is to achieve a work future that benefits everyone, even as technology and globalization rapidly develop. More specifically, the principles and guidelines presented will “facilitate opportunities for decent and sustainable work, better quality of working life, effective OSH practices, proactive organizational justice, and improved social dialogue worldwide while enabling better work system performance.”

This document applies to all sectors and occupations and is targeted towards decision-makers at the national, regional, and city levels and employers who want to ensure worker and organizational safety, health, wellbeing, and sustainability. It was created over 20 months with the help of expert writers, reviewers, representatives from the IEA, the ILO, and other professional institutions and organizations. COEH Ergonomics Program Director Carisa Harris, Ph.D., and COEH-affiliated faculty Michelle Robertson, Ph.D. both contributed to the document as well. Carisa Harris was part of the team that wrote them, and Michelle Robertson worked closely with local scientist Kathleen Mosier, also prior president of the IEA.


This is a draft version, pre-published by the IEA. The IEA and ILO are looking for HF/E professionals to promote and apply these principles and guidelines in an effort to collect feedback. This feedback will then be utilized for any revisions deemed necessary for final publication by the ILO.

Access the final version of the document here: https://iea.cc/iea-ilo-draft-guidelines-available/