Emely Heras

Job title: 

Degree Program:  MPH Industrial Hygiene

Expected graduation: May 2022

Area(s) of Interest: BioTech, Manufacturing, Environmental Health and Safety

Project(s):  I'm currently working on an exposure assessment of occupational hazards in the tire recycling industry. I'm getting familiar with the industry as well as the safety measures that are already in place to protect workers. I hope to present my findings this April for my final presentation!

Desired Employment: I look forward to doing IH work at the state level but also within industry. I'm open to growing my technical skills in a variety of settings.

Testimonial: I had the privilege to meet IH alumni prior to beginning as a student myself. The support in the classroom, among peers and Cal alumni has been crucial to my progress and success in the program. As I enter the workforce post graduation, I look forward to making a commitment to improving occupational outcomes and being an advocate for safe workplaces for all.

Traineeship Role: