Michael Kado

Job title: 
Student Researcher
Industrial Hygiene

Degree Program: Ph.D. 

Graduated: 2023

Area(s) of Interest: Exposure assessment, ventilation, air pollution.

Project(s): Investigating newly evolving occupational particulate matter risks - an industrial hygiene assessment using the NIOSH NORA objective framework during a pandemic

Desired Employment

Testimonial:  The UC Berkeley IH program has provided great opportunities to collaborate with world-renowned researchers and to grow professionally throughout my education. The training perspective of protecting the most vulnerable workers using innovative approaches to mitigate exposures has been deeply rewarding.

Traineeship Role: 


Michael Kado; Kelsi Perttula; Elizabeth Noth, PhD, CIH; David Moore; Patton Nguyen; Charles Perrino; Mark Nicas, PhD, MPH, CIH; Katherine Hammond
Journal Articles, 2023
Michael Kado; Ned Antell; Andrew Cullen
Reports, 2020