Simon Campo

Job title: 

Degree Program: Master of Public Health in Environmental Health Sciences

Expected graduation: May 2022

Area(s) of Interest: Climate change, disease ecology, and health equity

Project(s): My research focuses on the environmental determinants of Coccidioidomycosis (Valley Fever) in California. Specifically, I have been examining how different agricultural land use decisions influence disease distribution, how short- and long-term climatic conditions alter the seasonal dynamics of disease incidence, and how dust conditions mediate pathogen transmission. Across all of these projects, my goal is to improve our understanding of disease patterns in order to reduce disease disparities among minority communities and outdoor workers in California.

Desired Employment: I hope to continue developing my research training as a PhD student and ultimately work as a researcher in academia or for a public agency.

Testimonial: Everyone in the COEH program is extremely supportive! I feel so lucky to be surrounded and mentored by such intelligent and inspiring leaders in occupational and environmental health!