Max Blumberg

Student Researcher
Human Factors & Ergonomics
Occupational & Environmental Medicine

Degree Program: Masters of Public Health

Graduated: 2023

Area(s) of Interest: Janitor workload study, future plans include a national survey of OEM residents and recent graduates to address shortages in the OEM physician pipeline Project(s): Cleaning and Disinfection During the Pandemic: Determining Safe and Effective Workloads for California Janitors Desired Employment: Academic Clinical Occupational Medicine, Medical Director of Hospital System Employee Health

Isabella Demetz

Student Researcher
Human Factors & Ergonomics

Degree Program: Bachelor of Science

Expected Graduation: 2024

Begum Dogan

Student Researcher
Human Factors & Ergonomics

Degree Program: Bachelors of Science

Expected Graduation: 2022

Area(s) of Interest: Begum is an undergraduate student in the Operations Research Management Science department at UC Berkeley. Her current research interests include applying human factors concepts to improve everyday life quality.

Project(s): Currently she is working on usability testing and qualitative data collection and analysis for children's mice and keyboards.

Desired Employment: Industry, product development...