COEH Administrators

Jesús Alfaro

STEER Program Manager | Data System Analyst

Sadie Costello, PhD, MPH

COEH Deputy Director | Targeted Research Training Program Director | STEER Co-Director

Norma Firestone

Student Services & Traineeship Coordinator

Gina Grayson

COEH Business Operations Manager

Carisa Harris, PhD, CPE

Director of COEH | Director of UCSF/UCB Ergonomics Graduate Training Program | STEER Director

Associate Professor and Director Carisa Harris Adamson, PhD, CPE is the primary graduate advisor for M.S., MPH and Ph.D. students; approximately 50% of her time is directly involved in teaching and mentoring (e.g. courses, oversight of graduate students' research projects, mentoring field/clinical internships etc). She is a Faculty Member in the Department of Medicine at University of California San Francisco with a...

Linda Neuhauser, DrPH, MPH

Co-Principal Investigator of the Center of Health Research for Action

Winston Tseng, PhD

Assistant Director of Research of the Center of Health Research for Action