StandUp Kids: 

Ergonomics for Students

At StandUp Kids, we are studying ways to improve health, wellness, and physical activity in 4th-grade students. The StandUp Kids research study includes education and coaching on healthful habits, computer ergonomics, and increasing physical activity.


A systems approach is evaluated and student participant measures include cognitive function, academic performance, functional performance, cardio-metabolic health indicators, and physical and mental wellbeing.

Who is this training for? 

This course was created in partnership with the COEH UC Ergonomics Program. While the StandUp Kids training was created for elementary and middle school students, it is loaded with valuable information about home ergonomics for all ages.

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StandUp Kids

An Ergonomics Lesson for Students at Home and School

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StandUp Kids

An Ergonomics Lesson for Students at Home and School

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Carisa Harris Adamson, PhD

Michelle Robertson, PhD

Melissa Afterman, MS-HFE, CPE

Alan Barr, MS

Brittany Ballen, DO

Judith Ijeoma Okoro, BA

Jessica Gorsuch, ITS, MA


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