Human Factors and Ergonomics

ERG130 | 01/15 - 03/10/2024 | Cognitive Human Factors and Ergonomics

This course explores the essential topics of human information processing, controls and displays, sensory and cognitive contributions to systems, and implications for the design of systems in the workplace. The field of human factors and ergonomics is interdisciplinary, with applications wherever humans interact with equipment in a system's context. Examples will be drawn from a wide range of work contexts, including medicine, transportation, and computer tasks. Learners will differentiate cognitive ergonomics, and how it fits into design and analysis. Typical design problems will be...

11/15/2023: Assessing the Relationship between Job Tasks and Musculoskeletal Pain in Firefighters and Law Enforcement Officers

About the webinar:

In an age where 1.71 billion adults globally suffer from musculoskeletal conditions, this study delves deep into the lives of two integral pillars of society: Firefighters (FFs) and Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs). Recognizing that these professionals are at heightened risk for musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), possibly due to the rigors of their occupation, the Rocky Mountain Cetner for Occupational and Environmental Health undertook comprehensive research to examine the connection between job tasks and the prevalence of MSDs. Over 380 professionals, including 214...

10/18/2023: Design and Safety: Sizing Considerations for Personal Protective Equipment

About the webinar:

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is a vital safety tool in many industries and workplaces. PPE can provide protection to the wearer in many ways, such as shielding the body from impact (i.e., helmets), making the body more visible (i.e., high-visibility clothing), changing the temperature of the body (i.e., moisture-wicking clothing), or even preventing internal exposure (i.e., respirators). Some workers, such as firefighters and astronauts, require very industry-specific protective equipment. Traditionally, PPE has been designed and sized for the average male body....

Do the Change with Brandon Phillips, MS

Join us for this episode with Brandon Phillips, MS, a second-year ergonomics student at UC Berkeley. Tune in to hear about Brandon's journey in the field and his thoughts on the importance of practical experience, creativity, and diversity in ergonomics. His journey includes a summer practicum he discovered through the power of social media, particularly X (formerly Twitter), demonstrating how social media platforms can be instrumental in securing internships and connecting with others in your area of interest.

09/20/2023: Workplace Design Considerations for the Aging Workforce (and for all!)

About the webinar:

As people age, they may experience changes in physical abilities, sensory perception, and cognitive functions. They may also experience chronic pain. Demographic trends highlight the importance of designing workplaces that address the needs of an aging workforce, especially if an organization’s goals are to promote employee well-being, productivity, work retention, and reduce the risk of injuries. Drawing from a broad Total Worker Health® perspective and recent human factors / ergonomics publications, this presentation offers an overview of key workplace design...

08/16/2023: How World Class Ergonomics Programs Are Using Technology

About the webinar:

The field of ergonomics is currently seeing a migration towards the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI), computer-vision, wearable technology, virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR), and advanced data analytics to evaluate workplaces, train the workforce, and make more informed decisions. While vendor options are rapidly growing, concerns remain around the data being collected as well as data accuracy. This webinar will discuss the technologies currently being adopted by world class ergonomics programs in industry, the challenges and opportunities with implementation...

Become an Ergonomist with Meg Honan

Meg Honan is a consulting ergonomist for the UC Ergonomics Laboratory and course instructor. She was the Ergonomics Program Manager for Genentech’s South San Francisco site until 2018, where she engaged leadership at all levels, and interdisciplinary teams through participatory ergonomics.

06/21/2023: Aspects of Backpack Vacuum Use: Evaluation of Carriage Location and Sweeping Technique

About the webinar:

Informed by field observations as part of the Washington State Janitor Workload Study, this follow-up study aims to enhance our understanding of the backpack vacuum. This common tool among professional custodians and janitors can lead to bodily discomfort in the shoulders during use. Three factors were evaluated in this laboratory experiment: the location of the backpack vacuum on the back (L3, T12, and T7), sweeping technique (front-to-back and side-to-side), and a new vacuum head design. Professional and novice vacuum users were recruited to...

05/31/2023: BCPE Certification Guidance for Aspiring Ergonomics Professionals

About the webinar:

Have you wondered if professional certification in ergonomics makes sense for you and your career path? What is the difference between course specific certificates and professional certification? Do you know you want to pursue certification but feel unsure about next steps or how to submit your education and work experience information? In this overview of BCPE certification, we’ll answer these questions and more. We’ll also review resources such as accepted educational experience for application submission and practice exam questions!