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06/11/2024: Human Rights Due Diligence: New Laws for Global Supply Chains

About the webinar:

Due to the failure of voluntary self-regulation through corporate social responsibility programs to protect supply chain workers, governments in Europe and North America are enacting laws to require international brands to conduct “human rights due diligence” of their supply chains. The HRDD-related laws require transnational corporations to assess the adverse impacts of their operations, develop publicly-reported corrective action plans, and interact with affected communities and workers. These laws, controversial and uneven in their rigor and impact, are coming into...

06/20/2024: Advancing Lead Safety: Key Regulatory Updates in California

About this event

Join the AIHA Northern California Section and COEH for a deep dive into lead safety. Discuss upcoming revisions to the lead-related construction standards under Title 17, the requirements of Senate Bill 1076, and opportunities for public comment on proposed changes. Explore the role of California’s Occupational Blood Lead Registry in tracking and managing work-related lead exposure, how the data collected helps prevent lead poisoning, and how data can inform safe work practices. Finally, summarize revisions to Cal/OSHA’s lead standards and the goals of...

Hot, Dusty, and Smoky: Navigating Extremes, Climate Change Impacts on OEH

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Climate change is pressing public health crisis that is already impacting the world of work. Join the Northern California Centers for Occupational and Environmental Health for a deep dive into the chemical, biological, and physical hazards of navigating climate extremes. Learn about the rising prevalence of Valley Fever, a fungal infection caused by inhaling dust or soil particles, particularly in drought-affected regions. Discuss the impacts of rising temperatures on worker safety, heat-related illness, and...

04/09/2024: Exposure to Cleaning Chemicals and Disinfectants in Latina House Cleaners

About the webinar:

Cleaning products and disinfectants (CP&D) are known to cause a variety of health effects. This presentation will describe the activities of the Safe and Just Cleaners Project, which was a significant study in NYC focused on assessing employment and working conditions among Latina immigrant house cleaners. In this presentation, Dr. Harari will describe 1) regularly used household CP&D among Latina house cleaners and 2) inhalation and dermal exposure levels to CP&D in everyday household cleaning...

03/12/2024: An IH Approach to Assessing Transit Operator Exposures to Fentanyl and Methamphetamine

About the webinar:

Prompted by transit employee concerns, University of Washington (Seattle) researchers undertook an exposure assessment for fentanyl and methamphetamine on transit vehicles in the US Pacific Northwest. Researchers collected air and surface samples from a total of 11 buses and 19 train cars. Dr. Baker will describe the methods and findings from this study, recommendations made to participating transit agencies, and outline challenges and needs for ongoing work.

Do the Change with Aldo Muñoz, MPH

Join the conversation between Tyra Parrish, MPH, and Aldo Munoz, MPH, and gain fresh perspectives on the field of Industrial Hygiene in regards to how we as future leaders can protect workers and create accessible information channels for workers. In this episode, Aldo and Tyra talked about how Aldo entered the field and how the field of Industrial Hygiene is decades back in regards to race, ethnicity and gender and that there is lots of room for improvement.

12/12/2023: Industrial Hygiene & Environmental Sustainability at a Commercial Airline

About the webinar:

Mr. Tochilin worked as a general manager at Delta Air Lines for nearly 26 years. During that time, he dealt with a plethora of environmental health and sustainability issues. Examples include cabin air quality, ergonomics, industrial hygiene, disinsection, radiological health, carbon footprinting, and alternative fuels. He will discuss his experience addressing EHS&S challenges in the airline industry.

Characterization of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Exposure in Wildland Firefighters

Kathleen M. Navarro
John R. Balmes
Ricardo Cisneros
S Katharine Hammond

Oral Presentation for 2nd International Smoke Symposium at Long Beach, CA