Transfer a detailed cannabis consumption questionnaire from paper into Qualtrics, an online survey hosting app.


We are testing an improved cannabis consumption questionnaire that quantifies THC intake. Qualtrics is a popular online survey tool that is approved for private health information and has useful data analysis tools. It’s popular for clinical and behavioral research. We need your help entering an established questionnaire and formatting it for Qualtrics. You’ll be supervised by a staff member who is familiar with Qualtrics. All on-site summer interns also have opportunities to observe clinical research, collect air samples for chemical analysis, generate biomass smoke and participate in seminars and lab meetings.

Required Skills: 

  • Statistics (Willing to Learn)
  • Data Collection (Beginner)
  • Data Management (Beginner)
  • Chemistry/Toxicology (Beginner)
  • Survey Design (Willing to Learn)
  • Database use (Willing to Learn)