COEH's Targeted Research Training Program hosts first TRT Seminar Speaker of the Year

November 16, 2020

Join Dr. Lauren Goldstein, the UC Berkeley School of Public Health's Director of Research Development, on Friday November 20th at 11am Pacific as she virtually presents an Initial Look at Research Funding for New Investigators

Dr. Goldstein has extensive experience navigating the NIH grant process and will provide an overview of federal funding, including types of grants and success rates. She will focus on T, F and K awards, the awards that most new and student investigators can apply for. After her talk, you will know how to search for relevant funding opportunities and understand the application timeline. Dr. Goldstein will also provide real examples and answer audience questions about applying for grants. This talk is particularly relevant to current PhD students and those with a doctorate degree; however, all are welcome - especially those considering a PhD program in the future.

When: Friday November 20th, 11am-12pm


Contact: Sadie Costello -