Name Job title Role
Kevin Ru Student Researcher Current Trainee/ Student
Kevin Ru
Austin Sanders Student Researcher Alumni
Ignacio Santana Student Researcher Current Trainee/Student, Current Trainee/Student
Marc Schenker, MD, MPH WCAHS Founding Director Affiliated Faculty
Megan Schwarzman, MD, MPH Associate Project Scientist and Lecturer - Environmental Health Sciences Core Program Faculty & Staff, Core Program Faculty & Staff
James Seward, MD, MPP, MMM Medical Director Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Clinical Professor - Environmental Health Sciences Affiliated Faculty
Victoria Sharpneck Communication Analyst Western Center for Agricultural Health & Safety at UC Davis External Advisory Board
Negar Sheidayi Student Researcher Alumni
Beverly Shen PhD - IH Alumni
Christopher Simmons, PhD Faculty in the Department of Food Science and Technology at UC Davis Core Program Faculty & Staff
Rachel Sklar PhD - IH Alumni
Kirk Smith, PhD, MPH Global Health and Environment Program Director
Martyn Smith, PhD Professor - Toxicology Core Program Faculty & Staff
Laura Stock, MPH Labor Occupational Health Program Director Graduate Academic Program Directors
Oana Stoica MPH - IH Alumni
Andrea Tineo Student Researcher Graduate Students, Current Trainee/Student
Ebru Tontas Student Researcher Current Trainee/Student
Cynthia Torres Student Researcher Current Trainee/Student
Nina Townsend MPH - IH External Advisory Board, Alumni