Name Job title Role
Kyle Peerless MPH - IH Alumni
Bernyce Peplowski, DO Occupational and Emergency Medicine Specialist Honolulu HI External Advisory Board
Brandon Phillips Student Researcher Current Trainee/ Student
Ajay Pilarisetti MPH, PhD Faculty Director | Assistant Professor | Steer Mentor Core Program Faculty & Staff
Dominic Piña Student Researcher Graduate Students, Current Trainee/ Student
Kent Pinkerton, PhD Western Center for​ Agricultural Health and Safety Director Core Program Faculty & Staff
Veronica Ponce de Leon MPH - IH Alumni
Dr. Jim Potvin, PhD, CCPE Professor Emeritus, McMaster University Contributing Team Members, Affiliated Faculty
Kimberly Prado Alumni Alumni
Amjad Ramahi Alumni Alumni
Amee Raval MPH - IH Alumni
Justin Remais, PhD, MS Chair, Environmental Health Sciences Division Affiliated Faculty
David Rempel, MD, MPH Professor Emeritus Core Program Faculty & Staff
Dr. Michelle Robertson, PhD, CPE Adjunct Professor, Northwestern University, Director, Office Ergonomics Research Committee. Contributing Team Members, Affiliated Faculty
Maggie Robins Occupational & Environmental Health Specialist, Worksafe External Advisory Board
Kevin Ru Student Researcher Current Trainee/Student
Austin Sanders Student Researcher Current Trainee/ Student
Ignacio Santana Student Researcher Current Trainee/Student, Current Trainee/Student
Marc Schenker, MD, MPH WCAHS Founding Director Affiliated Faculty
Megan Schwarzman, MD, MPH Associate Project Scientist and Lecturer - Environmental Health Sciences Core Program Faculty & Staff, Core Program Faculty & Staff