The Key Characteristics of Carcinogens: Relationship to the Hallmarks of Cancer, Relevant Biomarkers, and Assays to Measure Them



Smith MT
Guyton KZ
Kleinstreuer N
Borrel A
Cardenas A
Chiu WA
Felsher DW
Gibbons CF
Goodson WH 3rd
Houck KA
Kane AB
La Merrill MA
Lebrec H
Lowe L
McHale CM
Minocherhomji S
Rieswijk L
Sandy MS
Sone H
Wang A
Zhang L
Zeise L
Fielden M
Publication date: 
April 1, 2021
Publication type: 
Journal Articles
Smith, M. T., Guyton, K. Z., Kleinstreuer, N., Borrel, A., Cardenas, A., Chiu, W. A., ... & Fielden, M. (2020). The key characteristics of carcinogens: relationship to the hallmarks of cancer, relevant biomarkers, and assays to measure them. Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention Biomarkers, 29(10), 1887-1903.