Key Characteristics of Human Hepatotoxicants as a Basis for Identification and Characterization of the Causes of Liver Toxicity



Rusyn I
Arzuaga X
Cattley RC
Corton JC
Ferguson SS
Godoy P
Guyton KZ
Kaplowitz N
Khetani SR
Roberts RA
Roth RA
Smith MT
Publication date: 
June 7, 2021
Publication type: 
Journal Articles
Rusyn, I., Arzuaga, X., Cattley, R. C., Corton, J. C., Ferguson, S. S., Godoy, P., ... & Smith, M. T. (2021). Key characteristics of human hepatotoxicants as a basis for identification and characterization of the causes of liver Toxicity. Hepatology, 74(6), 3486-3496.