Personal Exposure to PM 2.5 Black Carbon and Aerosol Oxidative Potential using an Automated Microenvironmental Aerosol Sampler (AMAS)



Quinn C
Miller-Lionberg DD
Klunder KJ
Kwon J
Noth EM
Mehaffy J
Leith D
Magzamen S
Hammond SK
Henry CS
Volckens J
Publication date: 
September 10, 2018
Publication type: 
Journal Articles
Quinn, C., Miller-Lionberg, D. D., Klunder, K. J., Kwon, J., Noth, E. M., Mehaffy, J., ... & Volckens, J. (2018). Personal exposure to PM2. 5 black carbon and aerosol oxidative potential using an automated microenvironmental aerosol sampler (AMAS). Environmental science & technology, 52(19), 11267-11275.