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Current understanding of ultraviolet-C decontamination of N95 filtering facepiece respirators Grist SM; Geldert L; Gopal A; Su A; Balch HB; Herr AE; Rapazzi S; Smullin S; Starr N; Rempel D; Agarwal P; Altermose N; Chen T; Hu G; Tung MC; Pillarisetti A; Robinowitz D; Shless JS Journal Articles
Gender, Depression, and Blue-collar Work: A Retrospective Cohort Study of US Aluminum Manufacturers H Elser; DH Rehkopf; V Meausoone; NP Jewell; EA Eisen; MR Cullen Journal Articles
The relationship between movement behavior and health outcomes among sedentary office workers Nguyen A; Arippa F; Harris-Adamson C Conference Proceedings & Presentations
Workplace and individual risk factors for the development of epicondylitis in industrial workers Lavin S; Rempel D; Harris Adamson C Conference Proceedings & Presentations
The importance of concurrent exposures: assessing awkward shoulder posture and forceful hand exertion on neck and shoulder disorders in a prospective cohort of manufacturing workers Zimbalist A; Rempel D; Harris-Adamson C Conference Proceedings & Presentations
Ergonomic Tips for Working and Schooling at Home M Afterman Conference Proceedings & Presentations
Incident CTS in a large pooled cohort study: Associations obtained by a Job Exposure Matrix versus associations obtained from observed exposures AM Dale; A Zeringue; C Harris Adamson; D Rempel; S Bao; MS Thiese; L Merlino; S Burt; J Kapellusch; A Garg; F Gerr; KT Hegmann; B Silverstein; EA Eisen; B Evanoff Journal Articles
The impact of job loss on self-injury mortality in a cohort of autoworkers: application of a novel causal approach SM Dufault; KT Chen; S Picciotto; AM Neophytou; EA Eisen Journal Articles
Heavy load carrying and musculoskeletal health: An exploratory study of biomechanical risk factors among sand miners in Pokhara, Kaski District, Nepal Koyuncu A; Bates M; Petrin Z; Cope M; McCoy S; Prata N; Sijali T; Harris Adamson C Journal Articles
Incidence of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in the UAW-GM Autoworkers Cohort K Chen; S Picciotto; S Costello; EA Eisen Conference Proceedings & Presentations
Evaluation of a back support exoskeleton for reducing musculoskeletal fatigue C Harris Adamson Conference Proceedings & Presentations
The Implementation and Impact of COVID-19 Prevention on the Health of Unionized Grocery Workers A Pacini; S Costello; S Teran; D Bush; L Stock; C Harris Adamson Conference Proceedings & Presentations
Professional and High-level Gamers: Differences in Performance, Muscle Activity, and Hand Kinematics for Different Mice Li G; Wang M; Arippa F; Barr A; Rempel D; Liu Y; Harris Adamson C Journal Articles
Ergonomics and the Prevention of Occupational Injuries Harris Adamson C; Rempel D Book Chapters
Applying a systems approach to developing interventions to increase physical activity among primary school children while distance learning during the COVID-19 pandemic- the Stand Up Kids Study Okoro J; Ballen B; Afterman M; Harris Adamson C; Robertson M Conference Proceedings & Presentations
Soybean flour asthma: Detection of allergens by immunoblotting Bush R; Schroeckenstein D; Meier-Davis S; Balmes J; Rempel D 1988 Journal Articles
Assessing Exposures of Health-Care Personnel to Aerosols of Ribavirin - California. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report Harrison R; Bellows J; Rempel D; Rudolph L; Kizer K; Jin A; Guglielmo J; Bernard B 1988 Reports
The Lead-Exposed Worker Rempel D 1989 Journal Articles
Occupational Illness: Case Detection by Poison Control Blanc PD; Rempel D; Maizlish N; Hiatt P; Olson K 1989 Journal Articles
Occupational Illness and the Poison Control Center: Referral Patterns and Service Needs Blanc PD; Rempel D; Maizlish N; Hiatt P; Olson K 1990 Journal Articles