Tuition Reimbursement

Does your organization sponsor tuition for continuing education or professional development?
Talk to your continuing education administrators or human resource office to explore ways that your organization can support your professional growth through tuition reimbursement. Your education is a valuable asset to your company's success! In many cases, these funds are reimbursed, meaning the employee will have to pay out of pocket first. Other organizations will offer to be invoiced directly.

Can you petition your employer to allocate funds toward your ergonomics education?

For those with no formal tuition reimbursements or continuing education funds, consider petitioning your organization or department to fund your educational goals. Write a letter outlining why this training is crucial to your job and your organization's mission. See Why BCPE and Drafting a Tuition Reimbursement Request for more. 

Your organization offers supplemental tuition reimbursement, but it doesn't cover your costs. What's next?

Split Payment Option: You can have your employer cover their part and be invoiced the rest of the payment to be made by card. This will allow for more flexibility.

Alternately, partial scholarships may be available to help cover some of the post-employer assistance course fees. More on COEH's Needs-Based Funding Assistance.


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