Name Job title Traineeship Role
Madeline Sit Student Researcher Current Trainee/Student
Rachel Sklar PhD - IH Alumni
Kirk Smith, PhD, MPH Global Health and Environment Program Director
Martyn Smith, PhD Professor - Toxicology Core Program Faculty & Staff
Gina Solomon, MD, MPH Chief of the Division of OECM at UCSF | Program Director Graduate Academic Program Directors, Core Program Faculty & Staff
Ellena Soulesiler Student Researcher Current Trainee/Student
Laura Stock, MPH Labor Occupational Health Program Director Graduate Academic Program Directors
Oana Stoica MPH - IH Alumni
Eileen Thai Student Researcher Current Trainee/ Student
Andrea Tineo Student Researcher Graduate Students, Alumni
Ebru Tontas Student Researcher Current Trainee/Student
Cynthia Torres Student Researcher Current Trainee/Student
Nina Townsend Environmental Health & Safety Engineer External Advisory Board, Alumni
Jessica Trowbridge Alumni Alumni
Winston Tseng, PhD Assistant Director of Research of the Center of Health Research for Action COEH Administrators
Isaac Vargas Student Researcher Alumni
Samantha Vega MPH - IH Alumni
Alondra Vega-Arroyo Alumni Alumni
Kathleen Vork PhD - IH Alumni
Stavros Vougioukas, PhD Professor for Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering at UC Davis Affiliated Faculty