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Research Publications

Title Author Year Publication type
Ergonomics for Students: Top 10 Recommendations M Afterman 2020 Conference Proceedings & Presentations
Potable Water Reuse in Small Inland Communities: Oasis of Mirage? Scruggs CE; Lawler DF; Tchobanoglous G; Thomson BM; Schwarzman MR; Howe KJ; Schuler AJ 2020 Journal Articles
The Impact of a Scope Stand on Biomechanical Exposures during Simulated Colonoscopies C Harris Adamson 2020 Conference Proceedings & Presentations
Robots, Cobots and enhanced mechanics. Resistance is futile. Being an Occupational & Environmental Health "Detective" and Updates in Occupational / Environmental Medicine C Harris Adamson 2020 Conference Proceedings & Presentations
Effects of aircraft seat pitch on interface pressure and passenger discomfort Zhao C; Yu S; Harris Adamson C; Ali S; Li W; Li Q 2020 Journal Articles
Arsenic and birth outcomes in a predominately lower income Hispanic pregnancy cohort in Los Angeles Howe CG; Farzan SF; Garcia E; Jursa T; Iyer R; Berhane K; Chavez TA; Hodes TL; Grubbs BH; Funk WE; Smith DR; Bastain TM; Breton CV 2020 Journal Articles
The impact of heavy load carrying on musculoskeletal pain and disability among women in Shinyanga Region, Tanzania J Kadota; S McCoy; M Bates; A Mnyippembe; P Njau; N Prata; C Haris Adamson 2020 Journal Articles
Design and behaviors: Personal, task and organizational factors associated with work-based posture and movement among sedentary workers C Harris Adamson; F Arippa 2020 Conference Proceedings & Presentations
Evaluation of Exoskeletons for Construction C Harris Adamson; N Gutierrez; A Moore; A Ojelade; A Barr; D Rempel; M Nussbuam 2020 Conference Proceedings & Presentations
Bio-mechanical risk factors for uterine prolapse among women living in the hills of west Nepal: A case-control study HR Devkota; TR Sijali; C Harris Adamson; DJ Ghimire; N Prata; MN Bates 2020 Journal Articles
A Pathway Toward Macroergonomics M Afterman; M Honan 2020 Conference Proceedings & Presentations
An Introduction to the Special Issue on Occupational Exoskeletons MA Nussbaum; BD Lowe; M deLooze; C Harris Adamson; M Smets 2020 Journal Articles
Reducing Tobacco Smoke Exposure in High-Risk Infants: A Randomized, Controlled Trial Stotts, A.L.; Northrup, T.F.; Green, C; Suchting, R; Hovell, M.F.; Khan, A; Villarreal, Y.R.; Schmitz, J.M.; Velasquez, M.M.; Hammond, S.K.; Hoh, E; Tyson, J 2019 Journal Articles
Costs and Willingness to Pay for Pit Latrine Emptying Services in Kigali, Rwanda Burt, Z; Sklar, R; Murray, A 2019 Journal Articles
Occupational Exposure to Endotoxin along a Municipal Scale Fecal Sludge Collection and Resource Recovery Process in Kigali, Rwanda Sklar, R; Zhou, Z.Y; Zalay, M; Muspratt, A; Hammond, S.K 2019 Journal Articles
Analyzing Differences in Air pollution by neighborhood in two California cities Noth EM; Kim A; Park S; Bae W; Kang L 2019 Conference Proceedings & Presentations
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease mortality: The Diesel Exhaust in Miners Study (DEMS) Ferguson JM; Costello S; Elser H; Neophytou AM; Picciotto S; Silverman DT; Eisen EA 2019 Journal Articles
Prenatal phthalate exposure and neurodevelopment in the CHAMACOS cohort C Hyland; AM Mora; K Kogut; AM Calafat; K Harley; NT Holland; B Eskenazi; SK Sagiv 2019 Journal Articles
The Scientific Basis of Tobacco Product Regulation: Seventh Report of a WHO Study Group Ashley DL; Ayo-Yusuf OA; AR Boobis; Djordjevic M; Hammond SK; Hatsukami D; Opperhuizen A; Zaatari G 2019 Reports
Accelerated lung function decline in an aluminum manufacturing industry cohort exposed to PM2.5: an application of the parametric g-formula Neophytou AM; Costello S; Picciotto S; Noth EM; Liu S; Lutzker L; Balmes J; Hammond SK; Cullen MR; Eisen EA 2019 Journal Articles