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Title Author Year Publication type
Un Cuento Para La Prevención de Acoso Sexual Laboral En Agricultura Prado, K 2021 Conference Proceedings & Presentations
“No, I don’t think it would stop” Workplace Sexual Harassment Among Men and Women Farmworkers Prado, K 2021 Conference Proceedings & Presentations
Suicide and Job Loss in the Diesel Exhaust in Miners Study II (DEMS II) Ferguson J; Colbeth H; Costello S; Picciotto S; Neophytou A; Kourtos S; Silverman D; Eisen E 2020 Conference Proceedings & Presentations
Smoking practices in relation to exhaled carbon monoxide in an occupational cohort Denis Vinnikov; Zhangir Tulekov; Zhanna Romanova; Ilya Krugovykh; Paul Blanc, MD, MSPH 2020 Journal Articles
PFAS Removal Strategies During Carpet Recycling Michael Kado; Ned Antell; Andrew Cullen 2020 Reports
IARC Monographs on the Evaluation of Carcinogenic Risks to Humans Volume 128: Acrolein, Arecoline and Crotonaldehyde Hammond K 2020 Books
Carcinogenicity of acrolein, crotonaldehyde, and arecoline Marques, MM; Beland, F; Lachenmeier, DW; Phillips, DH; Chung, FL; Dorman, DC; Elmore, SE; Hammond, SK; Krstev, S; Linhart, I; Long, AS; Mandrioli, D; Ogawa, K; Pappas, JJ; Morte, J MParra; Talaska, G; Tang, MS; Thakur, N; Van Tongeren, M; Vineis, P 2020 Journal Articles
Occupational exposure to antimony trioxide: a risk assessment Schildroth S; Osborne G; Smith AR; Yip C; Collins C; Smith MT; Sandy MS; Zhang L 2020 Journal Articles
Letter from California, USA. Respirology Gandhi S. A. 2020 Reviews
Using California’s Workplace Violent Incident Reporting System for Hospitals: Possibilities and Challenges Odes, R. 2020 Conference Proceedings & Presentations
Frequency of violence towards healthcare workers in the United States’ inpatient psychiatric hospitals: A systematic review of literature Odes, Rachel 2020 Journal Articles
Drilling into concrete: Effect of feed force on handle vibration and productivity Botti L; Martin B; Barr A; Kapellusch J; Mora C; Rempel D 2020 Conference Proceedings & Presentations
Suicide, overdose and worker exit in a cohort of Michigan Autoworkers EA Eisen; K Chen; H Elser; C Riddell; S Picciotto; S Dufault; M Combs; S Goldman-Mellor; J Cohen 2020 Journal Articles
Impact of Transportation Related Particulate Matters on the Roadside Air Quality in Fresno, California Jaymin Kwon; Yushin Ahn; Steve Chung; Elizabeth M. Noth; Kara Zografos; John Capitman; S. Katharine Hammond 2020 Journal Articles
Measuring workplace violence in California’s hospitals: Findings from the first 3 years of the state’s new incident reporting system Odes R; Harrison R; Chapman S; Hong O 2020 Conference Proceedings & Presentations
When It Comes to Indoor Dining, Restaurant Workers Face the Greatest Risk Elizabeth M. Noth 2020 Interviews
UC Berkeley professors discuss health effects of poor air quality Balmes J; Noth EM 2020 Interviews
“It’s wrong because it could be my sister, wife, or mother”: Workplace Sexual Harassment Among Men and Women Farmworkers in USA and Mexico Prado KY; Rivera-Heredia ME; Martínez-Servín LG; Guzmán-Carillo KY; McCurdy SA 2020 Journal Articles
Cell-Based Bioassay to Screen Environmental Chemicals and Human Serum for Total Glucocorticogenic Activity De la Rosa R; Vazquez S; Tachachartvanich P; Daniels SI; Sillé F; Smith MT 2020 Journal Articles
Updates on NORA Musculoskeletal Health Cross-Sector Council Activities Rempel DM; Schneider S; Gallagher S; Gibson S; Kotowski S; Lu M-L; Fox RR; Dale AM; Orr G; Howard N, Zavitz B; Zavitz B; McGowan B; Wurzelbacher S; McCoskey K; Orta-Anes L 2020 Conference Proceedings & Presentations