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Title Author Year Publication type
The ergonomic impact of a mattress lift tool and bottom sheet type on hotel room cleaners while making beds Harris-Adamson, C; Lam, E; Fathallah, F.A.; Tong, A; Hill, S; Smith, A 2019 Journal Articles
Suicide and Drug Overdose in a Cohort of UAW-GM Autoworkers S Dufault; S Picciotto; A Neophytou; E Eisen 2019 Conference Proceedings & Presentations
Controlled direct effects of occupational class on depression risk after accounting for wages: an application of the parametric g-formula H Elser 2019 Conference Proceedings & Presentations
Workplace gender composition and treatment for depression among blue-collar workers in the U.S. aluminum industry Elser H 2019 Conference Proceedings & Presentations
Highlights from occupational safety and health continuing education needs assessment JG Scott; E Shore; C Brown; C Harris Adamson; MA Rosen 2019 Journal Articles
Association of changes in air quality with incident asthma in children in California, 1993-2014 Garcia E; Berhane KT; Islam T; McConnell R; Urman R; Chen Z; Gilliland FD 2019 Journal Articles
Ergonomic Stressors in Cannabis Production Nguyen P 2019 Conference Proceedings & Presentations
An Industrial Hygiene Perspective in LIC Garment Industries Oliaro T 2019 Conference Proceedings & Presentations
Night and rotational work exposure within the last 12 months and risk of incident hypertension JM Ferguson; S Costello; AM Neophytou; JR Balmes; PT Bradshaw; MR Cullen; EA Eisen 2019 Journal Articles
Implications of the workplace gender composition for depression-related service utilization: A retrospective cohort study of U.S. aluminum workers H Elser 2019 Conference Proceedings & Presentations
Layoffs and the mental health and safety of remaining workers: A quasi-experimental study of the U.S. aluminum industry H Elser 2019 Conference Proceedings & Presentations
Joint Effects of Night Work and Shift Rotation on Treated Depression in a Longitudinal Cohort of Manufacturing Workers Ferguson J; Elser H; Costello S; Cullen M; Eisen E 2019 Conference Proceedings & Presentations
Potential Ergonomic Benefits of Personal Collaborative Robots in Strawberry Harvesting, NIOSH Expanding Research Partnerships, 2019 Webinar Series Fathallah, F.A. 2019 Conference Proceedings & Presentations
Cohort Profile: The American Manufacturing Cohort (AMC) study Elser H; Neophytou AM; Tribett E; Galusha D; Modrek S; Noth EM; Meausoone V; Eisen EA; Cantley LF; Cullen MR 2019 Journal Articles
Estrategias de divulgación de la prevención de acoso sexual en jornaleros agrícolas Prado, K. 2019 Conference Proceedings & Presentations
The impact on T-regulatory cell related immune responses in rural women exposed to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in household air pollution in Gansu, China: A pilot investigation Yao, Y.L.; Wang, D.; Ma, H.T.; Li, C.Y.; Chang, X.R.; Low, P.; Hammond, S.K.; Turyk, M.E.; Wang, J.L.; Liu, S. 2019 Journal Articles
Wildland firefighter smoke exposure and risk of lung cancer and cardiovascular disease mortality Navarro KM; Kleinman MT; Mackay CE; Reinhardt TE; Balmes JR; Broyles GA 2019 Journal Articles
Socioeconomic status and the association between arsenic exposure and type 2 diabetes Eick SM; Ferreccio C; Acevedo J; Castriota F; Cordero JF; Roh T; Steinmaus C 2019 Journal Articles
Diesel Exhaust, Respirable Dust, and Ischemic Heart Disease: An Application of the Parametric g-formula Neophytou AM; Costello S; Picciotto S; Brown DM; Attfield MD; Blair A; Eisen, EA 2019 Journal Articles
An Industrial Hygiene Perspective in LIC Garment Industries Oliaro T 2019 Conference Proceedings & Presentations