Human Factors and Ergonomics

09/21/22: Please Stop Interrupting Me!

About the webinar:

Much research on interruptions has focused on the time penalty caused by interruptions. However, little research has focused the impact that interruptions have on the quality of the final product. This presentation will describe research exploring this question, along with some theory to explain the effects seen and possible mitigations.

**Note: This webinar is available LIVE ONLY. It will not be recorded.**

08/17/22: Simple Rules for Preventing Back Injuries at Work and Improving Productivity

About the webinar:

If you ask most about proper lifting technique, they will tell you to “lift with your legs, not with your back.” However, this simple rule may be doing more harm than good. There are many barriers to applying this principle, and the scientific literature and principles of biomechanics show that this is in fact the wrong way to approach the problem. Our current efforts to reduce back injuries are not making much of a difference. We need to take a step back, think outside of the box, and change the lifting scenario—not the lifting technique. In this presentation,...

Tuition Reimbursement

Does your organization sponsor tuition for continuing education or professional development? Talk to your continuing education administrators or human resource office to explore ways that your organization can support your professional growth through tuition reimbursement. Your education is a valuable asset to your company's success! In many cases, these funds are reimbursed, meaning the employee will have to pay out of pocket first. Other organizations will offer to be invoiced directly. Can you petition your employer to allocate funds toward your...