Research Topics

Research Topics

Technician cleaning industrial air conditioner indoorsCurrent Projects

  • Support for Air Pollution Measurements, Exposure Assessment, and Evaluation of Sources of Particulate Matter

  • Wildfires and Intentional Biomass Burning in California and Preterm Birth

  • CHAPS Cohort Maintenance

  • SPHERE - San joaquin valley Pollution and Health REsearch Study

  • Green Chemistry in California

  • Ventilation at work and Covid-19: elevators and other enclosed spaces

  • The other essential workers: implementation and impact of COVID-19 prevention measures on the physical and emotional wellbeing of unionized grocery store workers

  • Wildland Firefighter Exposure to Smoke and COVID-19

Past Projects

  • Mercury Exposure in Residences, University Village, Albany, CA     

  • ROW, ROW, ROW YOUR BOAT: Evaluation of Airborne Silica Exposures to students building a conrete canoe

  • Characterizing occupational microbial health risks in resource recovery sanitation systems

  • A Campus‐Wide Assessment of Aerosol Organic Solvent Products: The Search for 1‐bromopropane   

  • Assessing Emissions of 3D Printing Filaments 

  • Airborne Endotoxin Exposure of a Portable Lavatory Sanitation Worker: A Pilot Study 

  • Analysis of Engineering Controls for Respirable Crystalline Silica   

  • Characterization and Control of Laboratory Animal Allergens on the UC Berkeley Campus 

  • Injury Experiences of Household Workers in California   

  • Pathogen Exposure from Hand to Face Contact: A Pilot Study Evaluating the Occupational Exposure of a Vacuum Truck Operator     

  • Gel Nail Polish as a New Source of VOCs in Nail Salons: An Occupational Exposure Assessment 

  • Proposition 65 and Occupational Exposures: How Consumer Warnings Impact Workers                  

  • Seasonal Variation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Oxygenated Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Three Cities of California and China 

  •  An Industrial Hygiene Perspective in LIC Garment Industries: An Ethiopian Case Study   

  • Characterization and Control of Occupational Exposures to Benzene and Hydrogen Sulfide in a Petroleum Refinery Process Unit             

  • Thirdhand Smoke Exposures in Casinos and Other Occupational Settings: Recommendations for Policy Changes and Future Research         

  • Effects of Occupational Heat Exposure on traffic Police Workers in Ahmedabad, India    

  • Assessment of Ambient and Occupational Exposures to Air Contaminants from Wildland Fire Smoke

  • Mapping a Chemical Journey through the United States Chemical Management System 

  • Microbial Health Risks to Sanitation Workers in Low-Resource Settings: Incorporation of Field, Molecular, and Modeling Approaches 

  •  Airborne Endotoxin Exposure of a Portable Lavatory Sanitation Worker: A Pilot Study