Educational Resources

Educational Resources

Industrial Hygiene Webinars through Continuing Education 

To watch more Industrial Hygiene Webinars please visit COEH's Continuing Education Program.

Elevator Ventilation and SARS-CoV-2 Particulate Matter Removal

This webinar will focus on ventilation inside elevator cabins, the effectiveness of several control measures to remove PM, and the implications for elevator use.

Promoting Sanitation Worker Health and Safety through Social Enterprise

This webinar will focus on how social enterprise may be an important mechanism for integrating sanitation workers in the formal economy and safeguarding their dignity and health. Case studies from East Africa and Southeast Asia will be discussed.

Exposures to Viruses Among Healthcare Workers

This webinar will discuss current research findings about the exposures of healthcare workers to viruses during patient care, with a focus on viruses causing respiratory disease.

Exposure Assessment for Epidemiology Research: Use of Routine Industrial Monitoring Data

This webinar will discuss methods for using routine industrial monitoring data in epidemiology research.