Name Job title Role
Sandra Erostico OEHN Trainee Current Trainee/Student
Hao Fan Visiting Student Researcher Current Trainee/ Student, Graduate Students
Fadi Fathallah, PhD Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering at UC Davis Professor Contributing Team Members, Graduate Academic Program Directors, Core Program Faculty & Staff
Diana Felton, MD State Toxicologist with the Hawaii Department of Health, Hazard Evaluation and Emergency Response Office External Advisory Board
Nora Fenlon Chief Commercial Officer at Via Seating External Advisory Board
Jackie Ferguson Alumni Alumni
Frederick Fernandez OEHN Trainee Current Trainee/Student
Norma Firestone COEH Program Manager and Events Specialist COEH Administrators, STEER Program Administrators
Michael Fischman, MD Owner Fischman Occupational Medicine Group External Advisory Board
Graham Flitz Alumni Alumni
Marie Frazier Alumni
Quan Gan PhD - IH Alumni
Sheiphali Gandhi Alumni Alumni
Niraj Ganesh Alumni
Erika Garcia Alumni Alumni, Alumni
Mayela Gillan, MPH Student Current Trainee/Student, Graduate Students
Ken Goldberg, MS, PhD Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research Professor Affiliated Faculty
Samuel Goldman, MD, MPH Professor of Clinical Medicine at UCSF Core Program Faculty & Staff
Jessica Gorsuch COEH / COEH CE Communications Coordinator | Education Coordinator | BRIDGES Editor | Instructional Designer COEH Administrators
Jay Graham, PhD, MBA, MPH Program Director Master of Public Health Program Affiliated Faculty, Core Program Faculty & Staff