Labor & Industry Outreach

Labor & Industry Outreach

Our experienced staff works with industry, labor unions and government entities to analyze, design, or validate ergonomics solutions related to work tasks, products or tools, and programs or processes. Our unique problem solving strategy synthesizes the rigor of research and the corroboration of professional practice.

We collaborate with private and public organizations at regional, national and international levels. Consulting engagements take the form of ongoing service contracts or research sponsorship. Some examples of the services are listed on our Consulting Services page.

UC graduate students may assist in outreach work as part of their academic experience. Students, supervised by UC faculty and Certified Professional Ergonomists, are available to work with your organization on projects such as ergonomics job analyses in various work environments. This is a valuable opportunity for companies and for students alike. Find out more about student work and internships here.

Outreach & Affiliations

The Ergonomics Program continues to provide training to health and safety professionals throughout California with the COEH continuing education program. The faculty speak at regional professional health and safety conferences such as WOHC, AIHA, BAER, at National ergonomics conferences such as HFES, AEC, and International Human Factors conferences such as IEA. There has been increased outreach and education to regional contractors and manufacturers through joint meetings with OHSA, employers, trade conferences, contractor associations, and unions.

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